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Keeping cool in the tropical build up

This time of year the heat in tropics can be oppressive. 45 degree days loaded with humidity, no rain and sticky nights are the norm during this time of year. There is a strong reliance on air conditioning during this period, here's my top tips to beat the heat this build up.

Ceiling Insulation - 50% of a rooms heat enters through the ceiling in the Kimberley, Have a look inside your roof space and check that you have ceiling insulation batts as minimum, if not adding ceiling batts (3.5R Value) to your existing building is an option to reduce the amount of heat entering the room.

Ceiling Batts

Unshaded Windows - An unshaded window bearing the full force of the afternoon sun acts like an oven for an air conditioned space. This can be overcome by a simple window shade or double glazed windows. A well designed window shade allows maximum light to enter the room whilst still shading the window from the afternoon sun.

External Window Shade

Air Conditioning Maintenance - A quality air conditioning company will have the experience to assess a space and find the real factors for lack of comfort caused by higher temperatures. Before choosing an air conditioning company for your maintenance ensure they are licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council and that the "tradesman" completing the maintenance is in fact a trade qualified air conditioning tradesman, not someone who has done a two week air conditioning cleaning course! If in doubt ask to see the tradesman air conditioning licence you can do a check on their licence here -

You can check if the business is licensed here -

Keeping your air conditioner maintained is vital for continued efficient operation, for air conditioners used every day I recommend having them having a comprehensive service every 6 months to prevent the growth of mould. Prevention is much better than cure for mould in air conditioners. A comprehensive service includes a wet wash of the fan, coil, drain pan, facia, filters and chassis of the system. Refrigerant check, compressor and fan motor check and full report on the unit. Once cleaned we apply a sanitising agent that prevents mould build up and finally a deodoriser to keep your air smelling fresh.

More info here -

Shut the door! - Keeping doors and windows closed is vital for the refrigerated air conditioning process to be effective. Evaporative air conditioning does require doors and windows to be left open however this type of system is very rare in the Kimberley.

Hang in there it'll rain soon!


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